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January 10th, 2015

Kota is in a new band with Derek from Holgator/Bozart and Dean from Gern Blanston and many other bands. Their first show was

January 9th, 2015


August 5th, 2003

Wow, it's been nearly three whole years since the last update! By now most likely everyone has already heard the whole story, but here it is for the official historical record. First, Josh left the band. It seemed no one had any comments on the breakup for public consumption, so that's the extent of what can be said about that, other than the fact that they're all still friends. Not surprising considering how long they were together. Nevertheless, HJ3 was temporarily a true trio until they procured new drummer Kendrick (not to be confoozed with web dude Kenric). They played a total of four shows in July and August of 2001 and then Kendrick had a freakish accident while riding his bike where he unexpectedly shook hands with an opening car door in a rather abrupt and excrutiatingly painful way that left him with multiple broken bones and knocked out of action for a whole year. This obviously left the band in limbo as well. However, it has been a year since Kendrick has been back in the saddle, and things are groovin' again. Five new songs have been written, most of which haven't been played at any shows yet, but you can get a sampling of their new direction from the EAR page. New photos will be posted as soon as they become available. In fact, let us know if you have any.

October, 2000


Special Note: The shows on the 8th, 11th, and 22nd are scheduled to be broadcast live from the Digital Club Network.

Oct 27 - Jay's Upstairs - Missoula, MT
Oct 28 - Ralph's w/ LoFi - Fargo, ND
Nov 1 - O Cay's Corral w/ Tormentula - Madison, WI
Nov 3 - 2nd Story - Bloomington, IN
Nov 4 - Concert Cafe w/ Gaza Strippers - Green Bay, WI
Nov 7 - Blind Lemon w/ Jucifer - Cleveland, OH
Nov 8 - Brownies w/ The Brought Low - NYC
Nov 9 - Kings - Raleigh, NC
Nov 10 - The Earl w/ Five Eight - Atlanta, GA
Nov 11 - The 40 Watt w/ Five Eight - Athens, GA
Nov 12 - Local 506 - Chapel Hill, NC
Nov 17 - house party - Auburn, AL
Nov 19 - Mermaid Lounge w/ Jucifer - New Orleans, LA
Nov 25 - Rudyards w/ C Average and Migas - Houston, TX
Nov 26 - Red Eyed Flys w/ C Average and Migas - Austin, TX

September 20th, 2000

HJ3 lands on the front cover of the Rocket (well, the Portland version at least), including an article/interview by John Chandler covering everything from their prior history as USA American Cornhole to their recent recording with Jack Endino. Too bad Josh didn't get in the cover photo, but that might have been too confusing for the general public, what with the word Trio in the name and all. [Kenric's Note: It was also too bad there was no mention of the website, but hey, you're already here so it doesn't matter.]

  Rocket Front Cover

August 10th, 2000

The new album...ah yes. Recorded in a frenzy of five days in the beautiful Fremont neighborhood of Seattle by the beautiful and talented Jack Endino. We were thrilled to work with such a rock legend as Jack. He has worked with just about everyone, from Nirvana & Mudhoney to Blue Cheer and Bruce Dickinson. Not only did he discuss yarling with us (see the new issue of Backfire!) but he also put in long hours and gave us a record that doesn't suck. We are loud and proud about this album, to be entitled Pistols At Dawn. We are in search of the best record label in the world, so if you know who that is, please let us know. Meanwhile, watch this website for kickass songs from this record.

We are also putting together our next national tour. If you want us to come to your town and help you party it down, then email us here. If you want us to bypass your town, send $500 here. Stay tuned for a tour schedule. Methinks it begins October 28 in Seattle.

Is there a song you think HJ3 should cover? Let us know and if we select your song, you could win a lapdance from the band member of your choice, as long as your choice is Kota. To not receive a lapdance from Kota, send $500 here.

Rock and roll all nite and part of everyday.

November 22nd, 1999

Just finished another recording session. this one was at Jackpot! Studios, with Larry Crane (of Elephant Factory & Foggy Notion). It went really well. We recorded "Psychedelic Nightmare" for an upcoming Dead Moon compilation that will be put out by Last Chance Records, of Portland. We also did a new version of "Captain Sextastic" for a comp being put together by Todd Crosby (Cravedog Records, but I don't think that this comp will be a Cravedog product). This comp will be a record store giveaway (Buy a CD, Get a Comp!) that will also have King Black Acid, Pete Krebs, and asst. others. HJ3 is going to be the only crazy rock and roll band on the comp. The previous version of "Captain Sextastic" was mastered too hot/loud and is functionally unusable. Which is a real kick in the nuts.

[Kenric's note: Several links related to this news item have been added in the Links page.]

November 8th, 1999

You can now contact the band directly at the following email address:

October 1st, 1999

Well this week has been a blast. Last night's show was a lot of fun despite the NXNW slime that oozed in and out EJ's, a good place to be since most of it was downtown. But Tuesday was the real treat, one of the best nights I've experienced in quite a long time. I finally got that photo with Mike Watt that I'd tried to get nearly ten years ago, plus two more with the HJ3 guys. Click on the thumbnail to the right to check out the photos and the story behind the cigars. -Kenric

  Mike Watt, Cigars, and HJ3

September 28th, 1999

News? Well you're looking at it right now, the grand opening of We will be adding new stuff (more photos, audio, art, a discussion group, etc) every week or month, depending on when I have the free time. -Kenric (hj3 web dude)


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